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Intensive Hands-on & Online Massage Courses

Advanced and comprehensive training in massage and bodywork with Hoffman Massage

Welcome to Hoffman Massage, an advanced system of massage and bodywork. At Hoffman Massage we teach a detailed and comprehensive style of massage which has been developed by combining techniques and principles from many other styles of massage and healing.

Our courses cater for any level from beginner to advanced practitioners. Our main goal is to teach you the real healing power of massage which is very hard to get these days. We hope you enjoy the information on our website and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Internationally Recognised


Are you an existing Natural Therapy Practitioner? Earn your yearly CPE (continued points of education) with any of our ANTA approved courses.


Are you from Australia, NZ or UK? Obtain your insurance with IICT and get therapist membership priviledges.


Another valuable and competitive insurance option for Australian students.


Students from Canada? Obtain your insurance with Canada Yoga Alliance or the Preventative Health Services Group.

Our Courses

At Hoffman Massage we offer two options to becoming a qualified and highly trained Massage Therapist. And, unlike any other massage school, you can become qualified with us in as little as just 3 days and for a fraction of the cost WITHOUT compromising your training potential!

Hoffman Massage Courses


During the certificate we lay the foundation of bodywork and reading the Human Body to bring an understanding of how to use your intuition and senses to identify and resolve issues. Information is in depth and comprehensive and the ‘hands-on’ element of the course gives you an opportunity to get a lot of practice actually massaging so that by the end you are willing, able, and confident that the work you do is the best for your clients.

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During the diploma we build on the certificate course’s understanding of the body and all its complexities, teaching you a multitude of different forms of therapy such as Aromatherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Marma Points, that you can apply to your treatments. We also delve deeply into energetic healing and the emotional aspect of tension in the body giving you the ability to demonstrate the most highly trained method of treating your clients physically, mentally, and most importantly emotionally.

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Training Options

At Hoffman Massage we understand that everyone likes to do things differently and that each person runs on their own schedule and often cannot be in the same place we are. That is why we offer a variety of different training options so that at least one will always suit you.

Online Training

Hoffman Massage has recently started offering online training for those students who wish to complete our courses but who are unable to attend in person. This also gives students the opportunity to complete their training at their own pace, during their own time, and as quickly or slowly as they wish to become qualified. Full course material, videos, demonstrations and other useful information are made available to you via your own personal online portal so that you have your own 24/7 one-stop-learning-shop; and of course we are always here to help if you require any assistance or have any questions or qualms.

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Group Workshops

Our group workshop training option provides a fantastic opportunity for those who learn best in a classroom type situation, learning from others and sharing questions, insights, and knowledge. Every day includes discussion about the topics, enabling you to listen to and ask questions that may arise, as well as hands-on practice on each other – so you are able to develop your skills even further by practicing on multiple different people all learning the course together.

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One On One

One-on-One training can be provided in Newport NSW (the northern beaches area of Sydney), Tweed Heads QLD, and sometimes in other areas around Australia on special request and where discussed with us prior to booking your training. One-on-One training enables you the full attention of the teacher throughout the duration of the course, as well as enabling you to complete your training and become qualified in as little as 3 or 5 days depending on the course you choose.

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Why Study With Us

If you are anything like us you want the best quality massage training available, at an affordable cost, and via a variety of methods whereby you can choose the most appropriate learning method for you. It is for these reasons that we have developed our school to suit YOU, our student, and make you the best you can be. We place a very high value on producing the best therapists possible with the most in-depth understanding of information and care for their clients - after all our reputation is always at stake when our students begin treating their own clients - so our focus on getting you to the highest level of practice in a convenient method for you is the most important factor in how we run Hoffman Massage.

Hoffman Massage Study With Us

Comprehensive System

No matter how you choose to train, whether it be one-on-one, online, or in a group situation, a vast array of information booklets, instructional videos, massage demonstration videos, charts and images, and other helpful and useful questions and information links are provided to you via our online portal to which you have 24/7 access. Everything you could possibly need for your training, and then for your own information and ongoing reference once you have completed the course, are available in this comprehensive and easy to access system via the Hoffman Massage website.

Qualifications & Insurance

Once you have completed your coursework and hands-on practice you are assessed by us and awarded with your Certificate or Diploma qualification. Once you have received your qualification you are able to become insured as a Massage Therapist and begin working with your own clients. We have a list of different recommended insurance companies that we use, depending on the country in which you live or practice, so you can contact us to find out the company the is appropriate and relevant to you.

High Standard of Training

At Hoffman Massage we have seen many massage training methods and had the opportunity to experience many of these personally through other schools. We have also been treating our own clients for many years. Through this culmination of experiences we have developed our own learning system that provides the highest possible form of factual and intuitive massage training available. We do not teach a routine form of massage; we teach you to be aware of each individual client and their own personal issues. In this way you will become confident that regardless of the problem at hand or the person you are treating, the treatment you give them WILL help them because it will be intuitively tailored to them.

Case Study

At one stage I was on really heavy Morphine from the pain... [didn't help] with fixing it at all just relieved the pain... and was booked in for an operation to get it [vertebrae C6 and C7] fused... I was clutching at straws I just knew I couldn't go on the way I was and I was willing to do whatever it took so when the massage worked I was wrapped.

Mark McDonald

This video is a case study of a number of regular and intensive massages done with Mark McDonald. Prior to seeing Bronson, Mark was advised by doctors that the only way to alleviate his neck issue was to go through $6,000 surgery to fuse his vertebrae. Bronson’s work on Mark resulted in his health returning to better than normal without any need for expensive and invasive surgery that would have changed his life and neck movement forever.

For more amazing case studies and to see what you, too, can learn to alleviate by studying with us click here.

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