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Getting Started

First things first, please download this Enrolment Form, fill it out and return to us.

Welcome to your own personal Hoffman Massage training portal!

All the information and resources you need to complete your massage course are right here at your fingertips.

When you first log into your portal you will be taken to a homepage of the course that you are registered for. Select the course and you will be taken through to all the information and resources that you will need to successfully complete your training and become a highly qualified massage therapist. Otherwise, everything you need is always on the right sidebar at all times for you to refer back to whenever you need. From here you can go back to your course information, change your personal details, look at handy resources, member FAQs, or contact us if you ever have any queries or concerns. We love hearing from our students about how they are going or if there is anything missing that they need so don't hesitate to write to us at any time!

Once you have selected your course a page will appear with a list of the topics you will need to read. Take your time reading through this information as it will be useful to you in your hands-on practice and future work more than you realise. Any relevant videos or images will be posted in each topic as you go, so start at the top of the page and work your way down to make sure you don't miss anything. At the bottom of each topic you will see an arrow backwards to the previous written topic or forwards to the next one. Otherwise you can go back to the course main page to see all topics listed in order of needing to be completed.

The Resources page on your right sidebar will contain all the extra information that we feel will be helpful to you throughout your course. Instructional videos that are a specific requirement to your study will be included in the topics of your course notes, however here you will find extra example demonstration videos (by Bronson Bertschinger) and real life case study videos. These are a huge part of your learning and will help you immensely in being creative, aware and intuitive to each of your clients in the future, so watch all of them with full focus, noting anything that you need to remember or practice as you complete your course. These videos will be your key to almost being 'in the classroom' so really pay attention here and watch them each a few times. They really will make your learning experience much easier!

FAQs are also available on the right sidebar to help you with any issues you may be having that you don't want to wait for a response about. However if you have any trouble finding what you need or just want to ask any other question, you can always contact us. We do our best to get back to you very quickly so as not to hinder your learning experience.

And, if you ever want to come back to this page to have another read, just click on Getting Started on the right sidebar and you will be taken back here.

So... Let's get started! Start by selecting on the right sidebar where you would like to go...