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One on One

Due to popular demand we started offering private training to our students in 2010. Since then, more than half of our students are choosing to enrol in "One on One" training as a preference over group courses. Mentor style training is hard to get these days and we find it to be a very successful way to teach Hoffman Massage.


We have found over our history of doing both group and individual courses that the most effective way to learn is in an individual situation. Everyone’s learning abilities are different and this way we are able to cater to your needs and speed specifically.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 3.55.10 PMAdditionally we know from experience that everyone’s interests differ greatly. Some people are interested in Chinese Medicine or Bowen Therapy techniques, some prefer to work with aromatic oils and Trigger Points, some people want to learn deep tissue massage and emotional release techniques, whilst others are naturally gifted in the ways of energetic healing. One on One courses enable us to focus on what interests YOU at your own pace. It also means that everyday consists of you practicing massage rather than waiting in turn as a group, as well as receiving massage everyday yourself to be able to experience what it is that we are teaching you – which we think is a bit of a bonus!

New course format designed to enhance YOUR time and learning!

All our courses are now comprised of correspondance material. This means that 90% of class time is based around hands on practical massage training to enhance your learning experience and make the most of your in-person training time.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 4.08.48 PMOnce you have enrolled and paid your course fees you will be provided with login details to access your own student hub within the training portal. Here you will find access to all the information, tutorials, videos, and case studies required to complete either the certificate or diploma course, depending on which course you have enrolled in.

Prior to coming to class all course information must be read in full and all video demonstrations must be viewed at least twice. You are most welcome to discuss the theory in class or to ask as many questions as you want; we just find that by students doing the theory material in their own time before class there is more opportunity to both learn at the pace they feel best for them as well as getting the absolute most out of the in-person time they are paying for.

Advantages of private training courses

  • No pressure to keep up with the rest of the class or the other way round
  • Training schedule is very flexible to fit in with busy life styles. Training can be done on weekends or evenings
  • Courses can be completed even faster
  • Teaching with 1 person is much more efficient than trying to make sure 10 people are happy and doing things correctly
  • All training is filmed for you to watch as often as you like
  • The course includes massage demonstration DVDs with hours of massage techniques that you can watch in your own time and continue to refer to long after you have completed your course
  • The training is more personalised. What is taught can really be tapered to the capacity or interest of the student. There are many different styles of massage integrated into the Hoffman Massage System. For example; some people like to learn gentle relaxation massage and others want to learn deep tissue therapeutic styles. In a one on one course this can be catered for whereas in a group course things are a lot more structured to cater for everyone
  • You have 100% of the teacher’s attention at all times so in this situation students are much more comfortable and encouraged to ask questions. In group courses we find people are not as comfortable asking questions or asking a teacher to go over something again when they didn't fully understand a technique or concept

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