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Testimonials from Students

Completed Hoffman Massage Diploma Course

“Hoffman is a great style of massage and the “quality not quantity” study method offered by Bronson was amazing. The course has given me the opportunity to set up my business immediately and to help my clients with the benefits of this great massage technique.”

Completed Bowen Therapy Diploma Course and Hoffman Massage Diploma Course

"I had the great pleasure of studying one on one with Bronson completing my Bowen Therapy Diploma and Hoffman Massage Diplomas all in the comfort of his sunny Newport studio. The course program manuals were professional and colourful, the online videos and demos on each Bowen technique and Massage process was brilliant, and the chance to share Bronson's many years of knowledge and passion, made this course one of the most beneficial and empowering decisions in my life. I was drawn to his style of teaching from the minute I discovered "The Australian School of Body Therapies" website. I didn't enjoy sitting in a big group of people trying to learn through the eyes of many others and I knew there had to be a better way of learning this healing modality that wasn't in a classroom situation. The fact that Bronson was uniquely connected to a friend of the founder of Bowen made the years of waiting for the right course worthwhile."When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

So I was happy to find not just a local 'northern beaches' teacher but also an easy going professional that approaches his training with an ease of sensibility and taught hands on techniques every step of the way, enabling me to see and feel exactly how the healing benefitted myself and the patient. Every day was enlightening and interesting and definitely worth every minute and dollar invested.

It's now been a couple of weeks since my training and I can feel my look on life has changed dramatically. My emotional state of mind has shifted and through training with Bronson I have 'realised' my dream to create my own healing practice is now within my reach.

Thank you Bronson, I feel so grateful and privileged to have studied in the presence of a true master of healing, and I am genuinely excited about my future of helping others heal themselves within the Bowen and Energetic healing realm.

Completed Hoffman Massage Diploma Course

"Bronson’s perspectives on healing and his understanding of the complexities of the human form allow for a unique course that explores its many layers and the alternatives for treatment. Although Bronson clearly holds vast amount of knowledge of healing techniques and experience with treating the body, which he shared throughout the course, he also highly encouraged me to venture outside the guidelines to further explore my individual therapeutic style. He guided me to bring together many alternative bodywork techniques with my awareness and intuition in order to treat each person as a unique individual and according to their particular needs. Bronson’s passion for healing through bodywork and his enthusiasm for learning and sharing wisdom and ideas is motivating and inspiring and flows through into his teaching and the course notes and videos are really great resources available to support the learning process during and after the course is completed. I love the freedom of the Hoffman technique to explore the unlimited healing potentials available to treat people and to work with them towards enjoying a healthy and balanced body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend Bronson to anyone searching for a professional and well-structured massage course that inspires and encourages you to uncover your individual style of body therapy."

Completed Hoffman Massage Certificate Course

"After personal training for 10 years I decided I’d like to learn how to massage properly. Most of the massage schools I found online seemed very lengthy and quite rigid in their approach. My heart was urging me to find a less rigid form of massage emphasising the importance of energy (chi) and healing. The Australian School of Body Therapies appeared to offer exactly what I was looking for so I booked in for the 4 day Cert in The Hoffman System Massage. Over the 4 days with Bronson I experienced huge shifts in my physical body and my energetic fields. The experience and learning far outweighed my expectations (which are always pretty high!) Bronson openly shared his knowledge, tools and experience which facilitated a life changing experience for me. I was so inspired after the 4 days I started practicing straight away. I’ve received so many wonderful praises and feedback from my clients about the style and “feel” of my massages. I am often told: “That was one of the best massages I’ve ever had!” I also enrolled in Holistic Bowen Therapy with Bronson and again took away much learning, inspiration and an even deeper appreciation for everything he teaches. Bronson is a “True Healer” an amazing teacher, mentor and therapist. I can’t recommend Bronson and his teachings highly enough."