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Hoffman Massage Certificate Course

The Hoffman Massage System Certificate course is focused on giving students a strong foundation in therapeutic massage. It has been carefully designed to give every student a strong base in this very powerful, therapeutic, dynamic, intuitive and comprehensive way to massage the entire body. You will also learn massage techniques from other schools of thought and healing arts that have been an influence in development of the Hoffman Massage technique.

IMGL9316These techniques include Bowen Therapy, Ayurvedic Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Swedish Massage, Burmese Massage, Raynor Massage, Pulsing Therapy, Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Feldenkrais and many techniques that Bronson has developed himself. Most importantly you will learn the skills and foundations that teach you to use your body and these techniques of Hoffman Massage in a way that best suits you.

The Hoffman Massage certificate course will not only teach you a very powerful form of massage but will help you to develop an awareness of your own body and mind, and how to bring your own personal touches, strengths and gifts to each massage treatment. Not only will you will learn how do a therapeutic massage from head to toe, but you will also learn how to use your intuition to decide what is the best approach for each individual client that you treat.


The understanding that each person is a unique individual with different body shapes and sizes, strengths and weaknesses, mental and social conditioning and views, emotional experiences, energy blockages, muscular blockages, and so on is essential in applying the Hoffman Massage technique. To be successful massage practitioners, we have to adapt our approach for every person. You will learn how to be more in touch with the person on your massage table and how to read them for signs of how they are feeling so that you are able to cater each treatment to be as beneficial for them on any given day as possible. As your clients change, the way you massage will also change.

The Hoffman Massage courses will teach you how to be adaptive and creative in your massage techniques so that you can successfully treat every one of your clients as an individual instead of applying a routine massage that most schools out there teach.

Hoffman Massage Certificate Course Outline

Topics covered in the certificate course include;

  1. Deep Front Line PosterBrief history of massage from ancient China and India's Ayurvedic massage through to today
  2. Introduction to the Hoffman Massage Technique
  3. Qualities of a good massage therapist and healer
  4. Some of the therapeutic effects of massage
  5. Hygiene
  6. Contraindications to massage
  7. Preparation for a massage
  8. Draping
  9. Code of ethics
  10. Base massage oils
  11. The importance of the breath
  12. Introduction to the Anatomy Trains
  13. Holistic Pulsing
  14. Massaging the front of the body - massage techniques for the face, neck and head, abdomen, and front of the legs
  15. Taking a client history
  16. Trigger Point therapy
  17. Hand and foot reflexology
  18. Cross fibre techniques

And many more topics...

Feet FinalYou will also learn many techniques as to how to massage the following areas;

  1. Lower back and upper back
  2. Detailed shoulder work on the front and back of the body, and in side position
  3. Arms, forearms, hands and fingers
  4. Chest and abdomen
  5. Detailed leg work from many angles and positions
  6. Massaging the Feet
  7. Massaging in side position for detailed access to areas such as the buttocks, inner thigh, lower back and quadratus lumborum, latissimus dorsi and deep scapula
  8. Side position for pregnancy massage
  9. Detailed neck and head work
  10. Inner and outer thigh and lower legs

You will learn how to give a massage from head to toe and how to connect the body using information from the concept of Anatomy Trains. The Certificate course is designed to prepare the student to be able to learn and adequately take in the advanced techniques of emotional release massage which is taught in the Hoffman Massage Diploma Course.

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Course fees

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Qualifications and Insurance

On successful completion of the Hoffman Massage certificate course you will posses the skills and techniques to be a successful Hoffman Massage and bodywork practitioner. The information we teach you will open your mind to many possibilities and will give you a broad look at what other modalities you can study in depth. It will change the way you look at health and healing and give you foundations that not many courses out there can. It will open your eyes to the fact that there are many aspects in our lives that can lead to un-wellness and dis-ease. And it will give you a very holistic approach to massage and healing.

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