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Testimonials from Clients

Tim McConnachie

"Hi Bronson. I've been thinking of you recently and i wanted to give you a testimonial. So here it is:

Its been six months since our massage intensive (10 hours of massage over 5 days) and i have to tell you that i still feel the benefits, many of which were immediate but have continued. I'm a lot more relaxed and stress-free in my life. Psychologically i have much less worry and depression. My thinking is much clearer and my mood is lighter and i find that i can handle things better than ever. The main reason I got your massage was to address the disabling stomach pain that i had for over 5 years. I'm happy to report that i've had no stomach pain for the last 6 months. I had severe stomach contractions and clutching that were so painful my knees would literally buckle underneath me. I believe the problem had a psychological cause, but it was very physically debilitating. You freed my stomach. That last day when you went really deep into my gut, i knew than that it was free. I remember laughing and laughing on the table. One of the best experiences of my life. And i've had no contractions or pain since. It has changed the way that i relate to people and to my life. Thank you, mate. I'll be back.


James Baker, Client and Real Estate Agent, Avalon Beach Australia

James Baker's video testimonial of his success with and appreciation of regular Hoffman Massage bodywork.

Moses River, Massage Therapist, New Zealand

"So you think you know how to massage? I answered yes to this question before my 2 weeks with Bronson. After studying 3 years of Sports and Holistic massage in college I thought I knew how to find tension and remove it from the body, I had been getting good feedback from my clients in the Spa where I work and felt my bodywork was to a high standard.

As a massage therapist you never stop learning, one of the best things about the job, it keeps you interested. You can imagine my shock (and delight) when only after a few days with Bronson I'm realising how much further I can take my massage. During the 2 weeks I can honestly say I learned much more than in the 3 years of massage training in college, unbelievable but true, this is down to the style of teaching and the techniques covered.

Back in the Spa where I work my first 2 clients could not praise my new style of massage enough, instead of doing my usual Spa massage which was always the same I was able to use the techniques learned with Bronson and actually massage the whole body, feeling and  removing the tension along the way. Client number one commented afterwards that she felt so light she thought she must surely be levitating. Client number two commented that even though she had been having deep massage for many years this was truly the best she had ever felt and left the Spa only to return 3 days later to thank me again and leave a box of beer as way of thanks for the best massage she had ever had (I'm Irish, we like a beer or 3).

Thank you Bronson for passing on your knowledge and I hope to study with you again in the near future, you have helped me realise that massage and bodywork can do way more than make people feel good, it can really work to heal them and help them heal themselves, amazing stuff!

Best Regards,

Moses River."

Mark McDonald, Client and Builder, Narrabeen Australia

Watch this video testimonial to see how Mark McDonald avoided $6,000 neck surgery with regular, intensive Hoffman Massage treatments.

Lynne Bon de Veire, Client, Le Perche France

"It was three weeks before my return to France when a friend said ''You need to see Bronson!".

Having almost made searching for a 'Body Worker' my main goal in life over 35 years, I am up for anything on recommendation! Turning up with my forever hopeful frame of mind, the first 5 minutes I knew this time would be different; if nothing else... interesting.

This process is a two way encounter. There appeared to be no ''formula'' where the ''technique'' was applied from the external toward the internal. He read my body, scanning it like a map working in different ways at different points, releasing the pain.

The discomfort of it leaving was welcome because I knew I was in good hands. I had three sessions then took my flight. I was on a high because for the first time in years ... I WASN'T IN PAIN ! I considered flying straight back because in looking forward to being in maintenance mode this meeting surpassed all my hopes; I annoyed my friends with my excitement.

I have had SO MANY massages in my life for pain relief; this was not a massage it was a life changing event. This is the process I've been looking for, delivered by someone intuitive, compassionate, competent, nurturing and passionate about what he's doing. What more could one be looking for ??

Bronson ..... BRAVO !!

See you on my next visit."

Tina Hansen, Client

Video testimonial of one of Bronson's clients as to the health benefits of regular Hoffman Massage.

Craig Privett, Student, Melbourne Australia

"A changed for life customer!

Having no idea what to expect I was open to anything when I laid on the table. What came next was amazing and life changing. Because my first experience of a Raynor Massage was so strong and profound it is impossible for me to be the same person I was 1 1/2 hrs before it. I definitely felt that I worked with Bronson and together we achieved an amazing emotional release and major Chi movement throughout my body. All from a massage, who would have thought it possible? When I say I worked with Bronson I mean that My breathing was connected to his and without being able to breath through the massage, the experience would not have been as deep and profound. Bronson is a complete and passionate professional and within 20 mins of him starting the massage I trusted Bronson completely to do anything he thought necessary and I am glad I did. He took me to my limits and back. I was laughing, crying and shaking at times on the table. All of which was involuntary and had nothing to do with the pressure of his hands on my body and all to do with stuff I have been holding on too. So whats the point, why go through it? Well That night I played a Tennis semi - final and have never played better, my team mates were in awe, my friends over the next few days kept saying "you look great your colour is so healthy" or a few times friends said "you look very Zen". I stood straighter, felt happier, slept great and was playing the best tennis of my life, all from a Raynor Massage carried out by Bronson Bertschinger. I hope at sometime in your life you make the effort and commitment to have a Raynor Massage and your first stop should be trying to get Bronson Bertschinger to be the one that provides the massage.

PS: Bronson is my first stop when ever I get to Sydney, I can't get enough of the massge. I wish he lived just down the road."

Neil Baldwin, Client and Builder, Sydney Australia

Video testimonial of how regular Hoffman Massage enables Neil to maintain the best health physically even whilst maintaining a job that can strain the body every day.

Candace Earl, Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist

"I was lucky enough to catch Bronson at a Massage Training Course he was teaching in Brisbane for which I got to be the demo in front of the class. I have received a far bit of massage and I am also a Massage Therapist. Well, what can I say, I had never experienced a massage like that before. He detected the tension in my body and worked at releasing it, which in turn got the chi moving. I had never experienced that before, it was truly amazing. His nurturing and caring qualities really showed during the massage and each stroke had intent and a purpose behind it. My health has improved a lot since that massage. My digestive system is working much better, it promoted better circulation, released the tension in my muscles, realigned my neck and also helped on an emotional level as well. I feel a lot more grounded now. I cannot thank you enough Bronson, you truly have a gift."

Carly Craig, Client, Avalon Australia

"Bronson's technique of massage was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I have had various different forms of massage. Bronson is very in tune with being present with you and works with you, at your level, you get results whilst having a massage but also importantly after. 

I was a amazed at the amount of feelings, emotions, stress, my body was holding on to, that I didnt know even exisited with in me. During the treatment, I had so many different reactions and sensation going on with in my body. I was unaware of what I was carrying in my body, I would have the most bizare currents rushing throught my body one minute i would feel such a warm heat, as if there were a heat lamp on my body, then I would have goose bumps, followed by a feeling of release. 

This form of massage for me was so beneficial, when I opened my eyes after the treatment, I felt totally dazed and bewildered, as if I had come back into my body.

The day after my massage I felt much more intune with myself, had more vitality, and couldn't stop thinking wow what an awesome experience!

Bronson was very professional and has a gift for....i would say healing or body therapy!! Thats truely what it it was like. It has shown me not to put limitations on what you think you know about yourself and your body."

Stephanie Hunkin, Client, Sydney Australia

"After having massages since I was a little girl due to various aches and pains and the aftermath of broken bones, I knew there were good massages and not so good massages!  However, my massage with Bronson outweighed all my expectations of what a fantastic massage was!  It renewed my faith in massage as a means of not only relieving pain but completely removing it on a long term basis.  To say I am excited about Bronson and the way he works is an understatement! 

I found Bronson to be very intuitive and nurturing and caring.  His massage studio is set in a really peaceful environment and with the assistance of Branson, you are really invited to fully relax and experience an amazing transformational experience through massage. 

Since seeing Bronson I have experienced pain relief for a long period of time and I am totally wrapped to have found someone with that’s got the whole package in a sense of how he looks after you and the technique he uses. 


Stef H"