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Hoffman Massage courses are run through the parent company Australian School of Body Therapies (ASBT) - a natural therapies school founded in 2009 by Bronson Bertschinger. Our school is an education institution where our main goal is to educate people about modern and ancient forms of massage, bodywork, natural therapies and healing from a proven physical and scientific standpoint. Integrating traditional therapies with new age information, we provide our students with an in depth education in a large number of healing and natural therapies in which each individual can taper their practice to what intuitively works for them.

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Hoffman Massage and the Australian School of Body Therapies (ASBT) are part of an affiliated group of nationally and internationally established schools of natural therapies. Amongst our affiliates we offer massage, bodywork and natural therapy courses of varying degrees around the world. Current affiliates include:

IICT Approved Training ProviderOur main goal is to teach powerful, effective ways to heal through massage, bodywork and natural therapies. Even though we offer means to government accreditation we do not believe this is what qualifies someone to be a great massage therapist, body worker, or healer. Therefore the foundations of our school are not based on government accreditation.

Because we strive to produce the most successful students in the massage and natural therapies industry, our affiliates have been carefully chosen over recent years and we have the highest confidence that any of the courses you do with us will give you great knowledge and powerful skills to heal.

Hoffman Massage and the Australian School of Body Therapies (ASBT) offer many avenues for people to enter the health and natural therapies industry. Our courses also are also qualified for CPE’s.

The courses we offer at Hoffman Massage include:

Other courses offered through the Australian School of Body Therapies (ASBT) include:

We are very committed to quality and integrity and guarantee that our courses will give you the qualifications, skills and knowledge to run a successful healing practice.

The Hoffman Massage and Australian School of Body Therapies (ASBT) teachers strive to help you develop your career path, make the right choices, and give you the most comprehensive information possible. If you have any questions at all please visit our FAQs page or feel free to call or email us. You can also visit our testimonials page to see what prior students and existing clients have to say about Hoffman Massage. As always we will do our best to make your experience with our school an enjoyable and memorable one.

To find out more about the Hoffman Massage system itself please click here.